Webinar (VET Talks, 4th July 2020)

The first priorities in coughin dogs (Video)

IVSA Standing Committee on Veterinary Education, SCoVE


In this amazing round of VET Talks, Dr. Luca Ferasin explained in details, the mechanism of coughing, the actual parameters to prioritize in coughing dogs and the best line of treatment to be considered with peculiarities as the cases may be presented. He also discussed how to differentiate a true cough from similar occurrences and intrinsic factors affecting cough reflex.

We find this episode of VET Talks very educative and we believe you will inevitably learn a lot from it. There were animations and short videos to aid the explanations and this is an excellent video in all. Kudos to our Ambassador in Bucharest, Maria Mihaela Ifrose for referring Dr Luca Ferasin.

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