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Dr Heidi Ferasin


RCVS Advanced Practitioner in Veterinary Cardiology


Heidi graduated from the University of Bristol (UK) in 2005. After several years working in mixed general practice, she decided to concentrate on pursuing her career in cardiology.


Heidi is an experienced cardiologist and has been an RCVS Advanced Practitioner in Veterinary Cardiology since 2015, having held the RCVS Certificate in Veterinary Cardiology since 2010. She is the co-director of Specialist Veterinary Cardiology Consultancy (SVCC) Ltd, offering cardiology consultancy services throughout southern England and Europe.


In 2019, Heidi founded the cardiology service at The Ralph Veterinary Referral Centre (UK). Alongside this, SVCC Ltd also set up cardiology services at Fitzpatrick Referrals (UK) and Cedar Referrals (UK). Heidi has participated in a significant number of international research projects relating to both canine and feline cardiology and canine exercise studies and has contributed to the veterinary literature with numerous publications within these fields.

Heidi is actively involved in the teaching and mentoring of post-graduate veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurses in the fields of cardiology and echocardiography. Heidi is passionate about all areas of cardiology, however, has a strong interest in congenital defects, the investigation of falling and fainting and interventional cardiology.

Heidi Ferasin
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