Heart Academy

Continuing Education in Cardiology

Luca Ferasin

We offer training and continuing education (CPD) to veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurses on all aspects of cardio-respiratory medicine.

Prof Luca Ferasin has taught veterinary students and veterinary nurses for many years in several Universities in the United Kingdom, United States, Europe and Asia. His teaching competence has been recognised by a certificate of Teaching & Learning in Higher Education and several awards for excellence in teaching. Luca has also been invited to speak at more than 200 National and International meetings and he can entertain small groups of delegates as well as big audiences with the same confidence and enthusiasm.

We also believe that keeping Vets and Pet owners scientifically and clinically up to date will improve patient's care and reduce the burden of cardiac disease.

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organised by UNISVET - Milan, Italy

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Interview at The London Vet Show 2018

The heart of the matter - 10 years of cardiology

with Prof Luca Ferasin

Prof Luca Ferasin teaching echocardiography

Veterinary Elite Training Centre, Guangzhou, China

October 2019

Interview at The ESVOT Congress, London 2016

Exercise-Induced Collapse

with Prof Luca Ferasin

International Congress of Veterinary Nephrology

Luca Ferasin meets the Sport Legend Ivan Patzaichin

Bucharest , February 2018

Luca Ferasin Podcats

Podcast on Mitral Valve Disease

with Prof Luca Ferasin

January 2020 


Podcast on Mitral Valve Disease

with Prof Luca Ferasin

May 2021