SVCC offers training and continuing education (CPD) for veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurses on all aspects of cardio-respiratory medicine.

Small Animal Cardiology CPDDr Luca Ferasin (in the photo on the left hand side with his pupil Oliver Garrod, who is now an RCVS cardiology certificate holder) has taught veterinary students and veterinary nurses for more than a decade in several Universities in Italy, United Kingdom and United States. His teaching competence has been recognised by a certificate of Teaching & Learning in Higher Education and several awards for excellence in teaching. Luca has also been invited to speak at more than 100 national and international meetings and he can entertain small groups of delegates as well as big audiences with the same confidence and enthusiasm.


Small Animal Cardiology CPDSVCC offers the advantage of having an internationally recognised speaker coming to your practice and organise CPD events on a wide variety of topics to your veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurses. In-house training sessions on different clinical techniques (i.e. interpretation of thoracic radiographs and ECGs, echocardiography, minor cardiac procedures) is also available on a one-to-one or small group basis.

(Photo above: a group of final-year students
 at the University of Bristol working on
ECG interpretation under Luca's guidance)
Small Animal Cardiology CPD Small Animal Cardiology CPD Interventional Cardiology Small Animal Cardiology CPD Interventional Cardiology